Deadly Romance: Sara Sampaio's New Spread for Elle Russia May 2013


If black means darkness and danger, Sara Sampaio here looks so much like a dangerous female killer, or a sly spy. And the two share one thing in common – that ultra enchanting sexiness, as seen here in this new spread for ELLE Russia May 2013 issue staring this Portuguese hottie. It might be dangerous, but for most guys it is still barely possible to say no to the idea of starting a romance with such a lady. In this photoshoot Sara Sampaio flaunts some cool and elegant gowns, dresses, and hot swimwear pieces, all in black. And for ladies, it is time to take notes on how to look as gorgeous as this.

Jolidon Lingerie Clandestine Collection SS13


Jolidon Clandestine range is beautiful and sexy, interesting and provocative. Lingerie is made in retro style with satin bows, lace and velvet stripes bringing freshness to the pieces. The Clandestine lingerie collection, featuring some lacy pieces set over solid lines, is truly evocative. Definitely it is one of the most playful collections we’ve presented so far.


Voyeuristic Lingerie Shoots: Who's Playing Who


The latest lingerie shoots by Tamas Olajos feature delicate bra and panty sets captured in a captivating manner. Sticking to a basic black and white color palette, the campaign features a scantily clad lady displaying her sweetness and sexiness that many find irresistible. The brunette beauty is outfitted by stylist Rubywants Diamonds, hairstyled by Teresa Peh and madeup by Sunny Valentine.

Options Intimate Latest Lingerie Lookbooks


Options Intimate latest collection includes comfy every day lingerie in plenty of flattering styles, white bridal lingerie pieces, and sexy items for special occasions. There are also some sporty sets in the lookbook which consist of shorts and underwire bra. The detailing includes bows, lace trims and panels, printed trims and lace bands in bras. Floral prints and patterns look great on sleek designs that can be worn both as special occasion and everyday lingerie.

Lingerie Shopping: Do You Need Company for It?


A piece of lingerie can cost from a dozen to a thousand dollars. So with a gap this wide, it becomes quite necessary to know what the differences really are between the cheap and the luxury pieces. Generally speaking, there has never been enough attention paid to lingerie. Quite a big proportion of women still require their bras only to cover or wrap their breasts. And no changes, according to them, are needed to the bra size when one does not sharply gain or lose weight. For this camp of ladies, here is some surprising news for you. If you’ve lately got any problems with your back or the vertebral column, it should be time for you to check whether you have been wearing wrong lingerie. Here we are to list some points for you to keep in mind when going for lingerie shopping.

A piece of lingerie can cost from a dozen to a thousand dollars. So with a gap this wide, it becomes quite necessary to know what the differences really are between the cheap and the luxury pieces. Generally speaking, there has never been enough attention paid to lingerie. Quite a big proportion of women still require their bras only to cover or wrap their breasts. And no changes, according to them, are needed to the bra size when one does not sharply gain or lose weight. For this camp of ladies, here is some surprising news for you. If you’ve lately got any problems with your back or the vertebral column, it should be time for you to check whether you have been wearing wrong lingerie. Here we are to list some points for you to keep in mind when going for lingerie shopping.

First, Note the type of lingerie you buy and the way you buy it.

Try-ons are so much necessary. Many of you must have encountered a same thing – the changes in your bra sizes. Even when you keep buying the same bra from one brand, you may have to go for different sizes at different times, not to mention bra sizes from different brands. And why does this happen? The lingerie consultant tells that our figures go through constant changes during all day and our bra size can varies by half a cup. Other factors such as the menstrual cycle and weight-loss, weight-gain all mater a lot to the body fat percentage and thus influences the bra size.

To make things even more complicated, as for bra sizes, there are different standards according to different functions of the specific piece. Thus experimentalism does not work here and try-ons really count.

Do you need company for lingerie shopping?

You may also have the similar experience: When doing your lingerie shopping in a store, you realize a “consultant” keeps following you wherever you go, even though sometimes the two words “go away” are clearly written on your face. The consultant would too follow you into the fitting room to help you try the lingerie on and meanwhile record you review for the item. However, you can’t deny the fact that she is professional and her advice often helps.

Usually professionally trained, the consultants indeed get the expertise in bust measurement and can lead you to right ways of wearing lingerie. And try not to underestimate the importance of the proper methods of wearing bras, which also vary by age. Thus letting her in your fitting room means you can get some most useful skills in this.

Another thing to note: most celebrity women will not go for boob jobs before getting accurate measurements and analysis from lingerie consultants, and then calculations by computers also are needed in advance. And to show the cleavage, some of them also turn to such professionals for help.

How often should you replace your lingerie with new pieces?

According to the result of an analysis by an American magazine, you should do this once half a year! To lingerie pieces, whether or not they stretch well, support well and fit well all make the key standards. Having gone through half a year’s laundry and pressing, they will not be what they were anymore and then you should opt for replacements.

It is worth mentioning that lingerie made of protein-containing fabrics can last the longest, to a maximum of two years; while the pieces made of nylon fabrics have the shortest life span, so be careful when making your choice.

How can the cleavage be created?

Here of course we are not talking about the ladies who should wear plus size bra, since to them getting a cleavage means pretty much nothing. Then as for those not that lucky ones with smaller breasts, here are some tips:

1. Shoulder strap
Be sure to pick the bras with shoulder straps closer to the middle, which can more obviously lift up the breast and make it appear plumper.
2. Thick pads
When you get not enough flesh, you go for pads! Seriously, not joking at all. With all types of pads out there, made of everything from water bags, sponge to massage beads, the cleavage can now be more easily and quickly achieved.

Laura Haddock in Lingerie Shows Off Hot Legs for Esquire Magazine


There are always some sweet smiles darn hard to say no to, and hot ladies to take our eyes off. As a woman myself, I can’t deny the fascination of such a beauty. Laura Haddock recently caused some stir by getting pretty much topless in her role on the new Starz show, DaVinci's Demons, which has driven many guys mad. And the actress does not intent to stop doing it. For Esquire magazine, Laura strips down to black lingerie pieces and a black shirt for a new photoshoot, where she appears both super classy and super hot, with a pair of great-looking legs perfectly shown. So check them out.



Yazhihan Adds New Lines to Lingerie Collection

Yazhihan, a China-based intimate apparel label, announced the addition of several new lingerie lines designed to enhance women’s figures
Yazhihan has announced to offer new shaping lingerie items for the summer season. At affordable prices and in trendy styles, the collection would introduce functional shaping items for urban women.
Being sexy and seductive is the instinct of every woman. The new collection embraces warm colors, floral laces and smooth cuttings, helping women secure perfect body figures and silhouettes this spring/summer. Made by the finest and the best quality of materials, the new lines also make sure you to enjoy cool fashion trends.
Yazhihan commits to bringing the function, fashion as well as comfort to their customers. To help customers with their shopping needs, Yazhihan offers new underwear pieces each season to evoke women’s natural beauty and confidence.
The company comment, “The new lines are carefully made in order to put an emphasis on natural beauty and allow clients to enhance their confidence.
Our new lines of lingerie are just one of the many things for women to look forward to this season. We have lots of surprises in store for the 2013, including coupons and gorgeous gifts.”


Freya Lingerie SS13 Collection

For SS13, Freya will be introducing new shapewear range, Deco. The moulded strapless slip offers the same shape of the Deco plunge bra with the added benefit of a fitted slip, which hugs the wearer’s curves to smooth and lift from thighs to chest. The product is available in a wide size range of D-GG cup. The brand will also be launching other new lines, including Patsy, Totally Tartan, and Gem, etc.


Nina Agdal Poses for Darn Hot Photoshoot by Nicholas Routzen

Nina Agdal can do no wrong, but simply so much right. Every time her new photos come out, people say there is no way Nina Agdal could get any hotter, yet the woman just keeps renewing the records, again and again. In her latest photoshoot by Nicholas Routzen, she flaunts her fabulous curvy figure in swim suits and lingerie. And as an excellent bonus, the Danish young beauty gets covered topless in one of the pictures. It seems that Nina is never going to hit her ceiling. So before time takes away such beautiful things, enjoy.


Kelly Brook's New Sexy Photoshoot for FHM Turkey

I heard about what most of the guys think about her, and then totally got their point when seeing her photoshoots. They say the name of Kelly Brook to them is like a room full of new toys to a little boy who just wakes up on a Christmas morning. Kelly Brook recently appeared on the current edition of FHM Turkey. And the super sexy model again poses super sexily in the photoshoot. Dressed in form fitting swimwear, she again proved her position in the textbook teaching ladies how to look elegantly enchanting.


Preview: Fantasie’s Lingerie Collection for Summer/Autumn 2013

After the amazing designs from Fantasie’s spring collection, the lingerie brand is going to launch its new lingerie collection for the coming summer and autumn seasons. With a mix of traditionalism, luxury, and decadence, Fantasie proves a brand can reinvent itself while still staying true to its unique aesthetic. The new collection will be released in July, 2013. What did you think of Fantasie’s new offerings?


Youthful and Lovely Girl: Elsa Hosk’s Latest Lingerie Photoshoot

Supermodel Elsa Hosk, who is from Sweden, has ever spoken for so many top brands, such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret and so on. She was selected by the brands with her unique image, which full of vigor and youth, even sexiness. And the photos below are Elsa Hosk’s latest lingerie photoshoot as she shooting for a lingerie brand. She’s really a youthful and lovely girl. Enjoy!


Siernfly Offers Trendy Lingerie Styles for New Season

With a large selection of fashion lingerie, China-based lingerie label Siernfly is sure to have something for every shopper. Siernfly has launched a new trendy collection at prices every shopper can afford.
Siernfly has unveiled its new spring summer collection, a wide range of seasonal must-haves in trendy yet classic styles. This new collection also allows the wearer the ability to enjoy a glamorous and comfortable day.
Siernfly is dedicated to the ideal of providing the finest lingerie product at affordable prices, including bras, panties, sleepwear, and shaping wear.
Most of the fabrics, trims, laces and elastics are carefully made so that Siernfly can ensure high comfort levels matched with superior quality. In additional, delicate floral embroidery, pretty laces and airy fabrics are guaranteed to enjoy sophistication and fashion.
The company said, “We provide the best styles and the highest quality possible. The new collection is a combination of quality, comfort and allure. Shoppers can enjoy affordable fashion in Siernfly.”
Available in classic and seductive styles, the range is crafted to suit daily wear for exciting lifestyles.

RougeGorge SS13 Lingerie Collection


The RougeGorge SS 2013 line includes bra and panties made of sexy black lace and white satin, as well as a set made with a mix of cotton and embroidery. You can simply purchase a delicate and dainty lingerie set and still create a sultry mood. If you don't feel like baring it all and still want to create a sense of romance, opt for one of these tasteful lingerie numbers and enjoy a sensual nighttime.


Rihanna Flaunts Her Toned Tummy in Alexander Wang Bustier Top


Long gone were days when people were supposed to stare at you when you get onto the street like this. Several days ago the 25-year-old superstar Rihanna just rocked a black Alexander Wang bustier top when heading out of Gameo Nightclub in Miami. Paired with the high-waist shorts in the matching color, the bustier top successfully helps her show off her perfectly toned tummy. And the famous songstress is now on her Diamonds World Tour. That same night she also tweeted with a picture of Adrianna Lima at backstage. Also as a style icon herself, Rihanna has been inspiring to all fashionistas due to all those cool and stunning outfits she rocks. So check this out:

Farrah Abraham on Beach Trip with Litter Sophia


Farrah Abraham was spotted on last Sunday in Los Angeles having a happy beach day with her 4-year-old daughter little Sophia. Obviously the 21-year-old ‘Teen Mom’ star still has her perfect post-baby body, which she has never stinted on showing off. Putting aside her recent problem about the hawk video romp with porn star James Deen, Farrah took a rest and again shined on the sand, this time in a green and teal two-pieces set with floral prints. The happy faces of the two seem able to let all of us forget all those fights, meetings, and drama that Farrah has to undertake. And the photos also remind us of some of the previous bikini looks she rocked. Now enjoy.

Dream Angel: Candice Swanepoel Shots for VS 2013 Lingerie Ad Campaign


Long time no see dream angel Candice Swanepoel, how we miss her! Here below the sweetheart shots her latest lingerie campaign for top brand Victoria’s Secret’s. She’s still sweet and sexy, and let’s have a look at what kind of surprise she will bring to us this summer?

Leilieve by Manicardi AW13 Lingerie Collection


Leilieve belongs to an Italian company built in 1961 by designer Manicardi. The lingerie label has several ranges of lingerie collections - Class collection, Hot Edition, Sposa collection and Glamour Collection. Here come their latest designs for the AW13 season. Emphasizing gentle sensuality and glamorous look, these pieces are indulgence to women’s desires towards fashion trends and details.


Old Lingerie Accelerates Women's Body Aging Process


Lingerie of fine quality usually comes with a heftier price tag. A survey conducted in Japan with 1000 randomly chosen participants, 20-50 years old, got a result that shows nearly 50% of women are reluctant to abandon their old underwear, especially those expensive pieces. And this, however, can be a problem.
Lingerie, as a key companion to women, offers to you essential daily protection, yet what you may not know is someday this best partner may hurt you instead. You are aware that basically your body has kept aging since the day you were born, and you should also know your lingerie pieces are getting old too since the day they were made. As pointed out in one recent article from MSN Japan, old lingerie accelerates body’s aging process, and women should learn how to properly prevent it.

The fact is that lingerie of fine quality usually comes with a heftier price tag. A survey conducted in Japan with 1000 randomly chosen participants, 20-50 years old, got a result that shows nearly 50% of women are reluctant to abandon their old underwear, especially those expensive pieces. And this, however, can be a problem.

The female body actually tends to change by time, especially the breasts, which will easily get influenced by the menstrual cycle and changes of body weight. Generally the busts will shrink as the weight goes down. And therefore wearing the old lingerie, which may not fit that well anymore, will do harm to your health.

On this issue, Feng Shui also has something to say, though it sounds a bit superstitious here. According to its theory, women are able to absorb the good luck deriving from the fabrics, and wearing old lingerie means rejecting the good things and embracing the opposite.

Allegedly, the average life span of a bra is only one year. Yet the prices can be really high due to some sophisticated embroideries or quality fabrics, which make it quite a dilemma for ladies not knowing how to deal with the old pieces of their lingerie. As a matter of fact, you can make the decision after doing some checking work.
So what exactly should be checked? The underwire comes first. Providing support to the breasts, the underwire will possibly get twisted in laundry and thus loses its ability to do it right. Here are some steps you can follow to see whether it no longer works right:

1. Spread the bra flat out on someplace.
2. Now check whether the entire underwire part is on the same plane.
3. If not, it means some parts of the underwire have got improperly distorted and should be discarded.

And then we come to the straps and bands. If they stay loose no matter how you adjust them, it means the bra is already old or low-quality enough to be thrown away.

Irina Shayk & Izabel Goulart for Agua Bendita 2013 Swimwear Collection


Need a guide to gorgeous beach looks this summer? Then you should not miss out on the new swimwear collection that Agua Bendita presented for the beach season 2013. This Columbian brand gets their inspiration from their own cultural heritage. Accordign to Mariana Hinestroza, brand representative, the Agua Bendita represents the style of a Latin woman, sexy and quite style-conscious. To be naughty and admired, Agua Bendita ladies always turn to special pieces. And that, again exactly, is what distinguishes this new collection from many others of the sort. Besides the attractive designs, this time another two big names in the modeling world, Irina Shayk and Izabel Goulart, were added to Agua Bendita’s list. The two swimwear beauties simply have told what the brand wants to tell by posing in its new lookbook.